Honest Tips for a Beginner Game Tester

The Unexplained Game Resources

Many people have popped the question of wondering what are the skeptics behind the job of a game tester and if this type of career could help someone to make actual money. During our hourly researches we have found that there is an extremely high demand for game testers.

The reasons so is because corporate gaming companies are skyrocketing and there are not enough gamers to go around so why not simply compensate home video gamers to test and review their games.  Many of the games in the market today are targeted towards the multiplayer aspect and there is just too much demand and not enough supply.

Game Console Controllers


The game industries have a precise method of source to go to whenever they are in need of game testers. In order to make yourself physical in the face of theirs you have to become member of their clubs or join a game tester group. This is the first start to make money video game testing.

Setting of Area

Game testing jobs can be performed at home or at an office. Depending on your preferences you may interact with people or not, either way you will earn the same amount of money. Most modern game testers prefer the stay at home testing.

Salary for Game Jobs

The salary in which these evaluators can make are usually above $30,000 – $50, 000 and plus or subtract depending on years experienced. Once a video game tester heightens his or her experience they may move to a higher level in the fields, for instance becoming a game designer, programmer, producer, etc.

So what exactly are the upsides and downsides of game testing? The downsides are that you just don’t play video games for the lack of just playing video games; you have to concentrate and look for things like bugs or glitches. You will be trained to find these error spots and write down a review for the developers. The upside is that you get to play video games while you get paid. Sounds like the dream job. Often times you can do this on your own time.

What you do?

When you join a program you can learn where to track these bugs and glitches. You might even be given a survey to see how much you enjoyed the game or what kind of changes you would make. Most gamers are making easy money today with this and they get paid to test video games at the comfort of their homes. Why not become a part of this awesome parade and start a career and get the video game tester salary.

So yeah we get it! You are still skeptical about playing games for money. Truth is we’ve given virtually all the basic information there is to give. Now we ask you to join a membership for a couple of months and see what kind of results you achieve from it. As far as we know, you will probably make more than you expect and can hopefully quit that tedious job you are currently working at. Why not do something you have been passionate for a long time and get compensated for it.

You can visit more about this kind of helpful information at SmartGamingIncome.com and start applying for your job today. There is no saying what spots or how many slots are left but like prior, the demand is generally high. The best advice is to stick to whatever you are doing and give it your best gaming pursuit.